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Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the dental tissues that support the teeth: the gums and the bones under them. In the early stages of the disease (gingivitis), the gums become red, swollen, and may bleed. In its most advanced form, the gum detaches from the tooth, forming periodontal pockets between the tooth and the gum itself. As the disease progresses, the periodontal bones and ligaments are destroyed. Periodontal disease therefore requires immediate treatment and if you are suffering from an aggravated form of the disease, the teeth become more mobile and must be extracted, otherwise, they may fall out on their own.


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Periodontal disease

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Treatment of periodontal disease.

Symptoms of periodontal disease can be:

  • Calculus (tartar accumulation of plaque and minerals from our saliva that harden) at the base of the teeth.
  • Sensitivity of teeth to external irritants: thermal and chemical.
  • Bleeding when brushing your teeth.
  • Bad breath.
  • The gums detach from the teeth and retract, resulting in “long teeth”.
  • Tooth mobility (wobbly tooth)
  • Loss of a tooth.
  • Gum infections.

Regardless of whether it is a periodontal disease or not, our recommendation to you is that you see your dentist at the first sign that something is going wrong (bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, swollen gums, etc.). It is always easier to treat periodontal disease in the early stages of it. The sooner you act, the greater chance you have to save your teeth.

At ID Dent, our dental specialists are at your disposal for specialized consultations, complex and quality treatments and regular sessions in order to effectively prevent this disease, as well as to treat the already established periodontal gum disease.

Our clinic uses modern oral and dental technology to stop the development of gum disease. One of the types of treatment that ID Dent offers is laser procedure of periodontal disease. You can find all the prices of the services we offer in the corresponding section in our website.

Laser procedure for periodontal disease is one of the most popular treatments because it is minimally invasive and provides fast improvements, with long-lasting and effective results.

Causes of periodontal gum disease.

There are many factors that contribute to the development of periodontal disease, but dental plaque remains the main cause. It is constantly formed in the teeth and is only controlled by proper oral and dental hygiene: brushing at least twice a day, use of mouthwash and dental floss, and regular visits to the dentist to assess the patient’s dental health. If it is not removed daily, dental plaque will harden and settle under the gums, turning into calculus that only a dentist can remove.

In addition to poor hygiene, other factors that contribute to periodontal disease are the following ones:

  • Smoking.
  • Food diet of the patient.
  • Certain hormonal or psychological disorders.
  • Genetic factors.

If you want to know more about how we carry out the treatment of periodontal disease in our clinic and its prices, you can contact us calling the phone number indicated in the Contact Information or fill out the form on our official website.