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Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure aimed at extracting a tooth that: either can no longer be restored by conservative treatment, or its presence in the arch prevents the normal eruption or alignment of other teeth. It is recommended to extract the tooth in time, even if it does not cause pain or discomfort for the patient. This allows to avoid the formation of cysts near the root or the loss of bone mass.

The absence of a single tooth leads to serious aesthetic and functional deficiencies. For example, the extraction of one of the lower teeth causes the upper tooth, located on the extracted tooth, to descend downwards. The absence of many teeth leads to the deformation of the jaws and the destruction of the cheeks. Also, not extracting a certain tooth can cause difficulties in pronunciation and chewing functions.


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Tooth extraction

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Broev Vladimir Rafaelovich

Головний лікар клініки; лікар-стоматолог загального профілю; стоматолог-хірург

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Contraindications for tooth extraction.

  • General factors: blood diseases, cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, endocrine disorders, haemorrhagic syndromes, rheumatic diseases, acute leukaemia.
  • Local factors: peri-maxillary suppuration, acute sinusitis

Complicated tooth extraction

Complicated tooth extraction becomes a surgical procedure in which, to fully and completely extract a tooth, the gum must be cut, the tooth divided (that is, broken into parts) and we must of different additional instruments (for example, an elevator). Extraction is often difficult if the tooth has not fully erupted, which is often the case with wisdom teeth. The extraction of molars with numerous curved roots also presents itself as a difficult case of tooth extraction.

During the entire tooth extraction procedure, you will be under anaesthesia, so you will not feel any pain.

What happens after tooth extraction?

Once the effect of the anaesthesia wears off, you may feel some discomfort in the area where the extraction was performed, but this pain is normal and very common.

Therefore, patients may experience mild pain after a few days, so the doctor may prescribe certain pain relievers. An ice pack on the cheek can also help relieve pain.

The patient should avoid smoking for the next 24 hours. During this period, in turn, you should not brush your teeth in the area near the extraction site. The ingestion of solid foods is also not recommended.

After the tooth extraction procedure, the free space must be “filled in”, that is, the patient must install a dental implant or crown in this space. Otherwise, the remaining free space will cause the displacement of other teeth, which will “try to close” the empty space. It is recommended to replace the tooth 8-12 weeks after extraction.

How much does it cost to carry out a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction at our ID Dent clinic in Kiev is a quick and painless procedure. In most cases, we have had to deal with the extraction of wisdom teeth, since they tend to contract many complications for patients.

The price will depend on the complexity of the extraction procedure to be carried out. If we talk about the extraction of wisdom teeth, it usually has a higher price than other teeth. Also, the higher price is presented for a complex dental extraction such as, for example, the extraction of an impacted or retained tooth. In case of extraction of deciduous teeth (milk or primary teeth) in children, this has the lowest price.