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Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common orthodontic system for aligning the dentition and correcting the bite. This method is effective to obtain a perfect result in less time and at an affordable price for the patient. The main element of such a device is a flexible metal arch with brackets, which helps to fix the teeth in a certain position. Metal braces are available in high quality stainless steel or titanium alloy.


Kiev, st. Bratislavskaya 14B

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Metal braces

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Broev Vladimir Rafaelovich

Головний лікар клініки; лікар-стоматолог загального профілю; стоматолог-хірург

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Parmenov Oleg Vladimirovich

лікар-стоматолог загального профілю; стоматолог-хірург

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Kolyandra Alina Sergeevna

General dentist; orthodontist

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Aghabekyan Andranik Vachikovich

Врач-стоматолог общего профиля; стоматолог-ортопед

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Malovichko Yaroslav Igorevich

médico estomatólogo de perfil general; dentista ortopedista

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Melkonyan Apet Sedrakovich

General dentist; dentist-therapist

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Strashko Evgenia Nikolaevna

Врач-стоматолог общего профиля; детский врач-стоматолог

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Types of metal braces

Metal braces are distinguished according to:

  • to the place of placement:

1. vestibular (placed on the frontal part of the teeth)

2. lingual (placed in the inner part of the teeth)

  • by the presence or absence of ligatures

1.conventional ligatures (the arch with brackets is connected by special elastic rubber rings)

2. self-ligating (instead of elastic rubber rings, it is fixed with clasps or special latches are used)

The choice of the type of bracket system depends on the economic situation of the patient and the complexity of the case.

Is there an age limit for the treatment using metal braces?

There is no limit! Whether you are a 14-year-old or a 60-year-old patient, the dental straightening process using braces is the same. In adults, the bone structure is much denser than in children, and they are less malleable, so treatment in your case will take a little longer. But age does not prevent teeth from moving, so the metal system can be placed no matter how old you are.

Metal braces, price at ID Dent

Regarding the question “How much does the straightening of the dentition or the alignment of the bite cost?”: Not only the price of the orthodontic appliances is taken into account, but also its placement procedure and the complete treatment with all the its necessary stages.

From the first consultation with our dental specialist, he will prepare a treatment plan in which he will provide you a detailed description of the stages and the costs associated with the entire treatment.

The cost of metal braces (not counting lingual braces) is much lower than sapphire or ceramic braces. At our ID Dent clinic in Kiev, we offer orthodontic treatments at an affordable price and excellent quality! We invite you to familiarize yourself with our price list regarding the placement procedure of metal braces.