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Art restoration of teeth

Art restoration of teeth involves restoring the correct anatomical shape, colour, brightness and position of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is a fairly broad concept. The main tasks of a dentist are: to preserve dental tissues, maximize their life cycle and at the same time achieve an impeccable smile.


Kiev, st. Bratislavskaya 14B

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Broev Vladimir Rafaelovich

Головний лікар клініки; лікар-стоматолог загального профілю; стоматолог-хірург

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Parmenov Oleg Vladimirovich

лікар-стоматолог загального профілю; стоматолог-хірург

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Kolyandra Alina Sergeevna

General dentist; orthodontist

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Aghabekyan Andranik Vachikovich

Врач-стоматолог общего профиля; стоматолог-ортопед

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Malovichko Yaroslav Igorevich

médico estomatólogo de perfil general; dentista ortopedista

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Melkonyan Apet Sedrakovich

General dentist; dentist-therapist

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Strashko Evgenia Nikolaevna

Врач-стоматолог общего профиля; детский врач-стоматолог

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Aesthetic dentistry clinic

Our ID Dent clinic in Kiev solves most of the problems associated with the beauty of patients’ smiles.

The most frequently performed procedure is considered to be the art restoration of the front teeth, especially in the case of diastema (large gap between the teeth).

Art restoration of teeth is recommended in the following cases:

  • Cavities, also known as tooth decay.
  • Partial or total absence of a tooth
  • Defects in the development of tooth enamel
  • Irregular shape or position of the tooth
  • Fractures or breaks and cracks
  • In need to replace the previous restoration
  • Fluorosis
  • If you have too dark or yellowish tooth enamel.

Artistic dental restoration at our ID Dent dental clinic in Kiev is a painless and effective solution for patients. We offer new high-quality equipment and qualified personnel who are constantly developing and improving their skills, so that you can be sure of obtaining an excellent result.

Types of art restoration of teeth

The current level of development of cosmetic dentistry allows to obtain amazing results and a guarantee to the patient a snow-white smile for many years. Dentists have at their disposal a whole arsenal of new methods of artistic tooth restoration for people with different types of income. All prices are listed below.

After the examination and diagnosis, our dental specialist will offer you several options for restoration and will help you choose the most appropriate one.

The direct method is a tooth restoration using slightly hardened composite materials. Such a procedure can be performed by a dentist-therapist. The direct restoration method for restoring a tooth may include the installation of posts and inlays.

The indirect method, on the other hand, involves carrying out several sessions and consultations with the dentist. This type of restoration can be performed by orthopaedic dentists. The dental specialist makes a silicone impression of the restored tooth, which is subsequently sent to the dental technician, who makes a prosthesis for restoration. From an indirect restoration it is possible to restore teeth by placing dental veneers, crowns, implants and inlays.

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